Self-Care and why it's the key to your success

Being a female in the entrepreneur world can be nothing short of exhausting and challenging. Not only are we running businesses and changing the world but many times we are still running our families and continuing as the primary caregivers. Many females run their businesses from home which to many sounds glorious and relaxing but that could not be further from the truth. Adding motherhood to the mix of being a boss lady can create a set up for many tiring days and possibly some nights hiding in the closet wondering why you even started in the first place. There’s a struggle about being your own boss that doesn’t get talked about much. There are many long nights, and lonely days. There are people you may love but need to let go so you can grow. There are sacrifices you will have to make now to reach the distance you are trying to travel. And somewhere along the journey you forgot about self-care. Let’s change that! Self-care is a key component of a successful you which creates a successful business. Without self-care you might as well count yourself out, because eventually you will burn out. Below are the top 8 ways to care for yourself so you can continue to care for and grow your business and life.


Being an entrepreneur usually means no days off but it shouldn’t be that way. You are building a life of purpose and financial freedom and with that should be… PURPOSE AND FREEDOM. Take time to enjoy your children or spouse. Spend time laughing and soaking up the moments you miss while you are grinding away at building your empire. That laughter and love will fuel you and your creativity.


You are constantly in go mode which leaves little to no room to stop, reflect, and regroup. Meditation is a great tool to help you find stillness in a world that is always moving so quickly. It is also during those times of meditation that you may come up with your best ideas or find the clarity you need to focus in on what you are working on. You must have a balance and meditation can help you find that.


I have always held the motto, “look good, feel good.” When you physically care for yourself, you come back rejuvenated, focused, and more productive. Take the time to go get a massage, or draw yourself a bath with essential oils, or even go get a Reiki session to help you with mind, body, spirit. Whatever you choose just be sure to keep up with it. Make it a routine.


You've cared for your mind, and your outward body, now it’s time to care for your insides. If you struggle with nutrition and exercise, then sit down and create a plan for how you can change this. Take 2 hours a week to meal prep for the week. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and go for a walk. If your health is declining then you will be of no use to your business. Take action to ensure you are going up and not down!


There are so many people in the world, with so many inspiring stories and gifts to share. Are you overwhelmed? Do you need a break? Do you need guidance? Find someone you feel inspired by and start reading. We have so much we can learn from each other! One of my favorite teachers is Gabby Bernstein.


There will be people out there that say you’re doing too much or too little. There will be judgment, always. Remove and turn away from those immediately. You can only be as great as the energy you surround yourself with. Thank those people for showing you what you do not want to be a part of and move on. Great ways to block negativity include, saging your house or office space, visualizing a protective white light around you, and cutting ties with those that do not add value to your life’s purpose.


Self-care is more than just taking a bath. It's about what you consistently tell yourself day in and day out. This can be practiced on your days “off” as well as while you’re working and building your business. What we think we become. If you are grilling yourself with negative self-talk, telling yourself you’re not doing enough or good enough, telling yourself you can’t balance both business and motherhood, then you are right! However, if you change your self-talk to positive compliments like, “I am doing great, and I can balance both motherhood and my business successfully” then you will see a shift in perspective and increase in growth. A great experiment to check out is the water experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Groups of water were told either hateful words or loving words. The loving words turned to beautiful symmetric snowflake looking molecules while the water that was told hateful comments turned to ugly, disproportionate looking molecules. We are made up of at least 70% water, therefore what you tell yourself, you become. Make it beautiful!


Letting go is one of the hardest lessons to learn but at the end of the day there is only so much you can do and only so much control you will have. Give yourself permission to LET GO, whether it be of results, others opinions, your own opinions, control, just let go. You are always on the correct path and you have given your all. Now it is time to focus only on what you can control and let go of the rest.

Make at least one of these 8 self-care techniques a priority and watch you as well as your life thrive!

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